The story of the Cake House

38 years of delicacies from Järvenpää

The story begins in 1984

Järvenpää Wiener Paakari Oy was founded in 1984, the founders were Kaj and Marjatta Gilan. Wiener Paakari has operated throughout its history in Järvenpää’s Terhola on Vanhalla Yhdystie. The company moved to its current premises in the 90s.

In 1996, the company was chosen as Järvenpää’s company of the year by Suomen Yrittäjie. In the 21st century, Paakar’s operations expanded to cover all areas of the catering service with the establishment of its own lunch kitchen. Lounas Paakari not only makes delicious meals for caterers, but also prepares a home-cooked lunch for approx. 100 people every day.

Expansion to the capital region

In 2004, Wiener Paakari expanded its operations to the capital via a corporate acquisition, buying Konditoria Messi, which operates on Työpajankatu in Sörnäis, Helsinki.

The collaboration with Uusimaa Herkku, a traditional Central Uusimaa bakery located in Kerava, started in 2009. Today, Herkku bakes our bread and some of the pastries, and we supply them with the filling cakes they need. The cooperation has been fruitful for both small local bakeries and spawned new markets through a wider product selection and the strengthening of specialized expertise.


"Wiener Paakari has grown over the last quarter of a century from the dream of two bakers - into a medium-sized food company. Today, the company employs about twenty craftsmen from different areas of the food industry."


The story of Järvenpää’s Herkkumkunki

About 30 years ago, in 1984, my parents Kaj and Marjatta Gilan founded a bakery in Järvenpää called Järvenpää Kakkutalo Gilan. Kaj previously worked at a bakery called Stella in Helsinki, and Marjatta, on the other hand, at Erone’s bakery in Järvenpää.

Right from the start, it became clear that the number one delicacy of the people of Järvenpää was Berlin donuts, of which they ate a lot, e.g. Annelin from the Herkku food market in Mannilantie. The sale of donuts was probably influenced by the store’s location near Yhteiskoulu in the center. Traditional jam donuts and Berlin donuts were bought the most in the store.

The fresh bakers decided to try a product known from Kai’s former workplace and popular in Helsinki, i.e. the long doughnut. A long donut was a doughnut rolled into a long doughnut, with cream in between and powdered sugar on top. This did not seem to be to the taste of the demanding schoolchildren from Järvenpää, but the event remained silent. So Kaj tried to combine two products, the Berlin donut popular in Järvenpää and the long donut popular in Helsinki. This is how Järvenpääläinen Gourmet Monk was born. a pastry covered with pink sugar paste, filled with raspberry jam and cream. The product was immediately received warmly and it was allowed to do as much as a small bakery could do. When I used to go to a co-educational school in the city center, I often came across a situation where there were no more delicious donuts left – yes, it was a shame then and I think the whole rest of the day would be ruined…

Delicious donuts are still made. The product has been developed a bit over the decades. Today’s donut is a SuperDelicate Donut and is made as follows; the butter bun is rolled into a long doughnut, raspberry jam and cream are squeezed in between, pink sugar bombada icing and dark chocolate stripes are placed on top. The price in our bakery shop in Järvenpää’s Terhola is 3.90 euros each.

Welcome to Kakkutalo!

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